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 -MJ Mohammed Iqbal

Almighty say in the Holy Quran "Ye who believe ! there is prescribed for you the fast, as it was prescribed before you". From this verse it is understood before advent of Islam also followers of Hinduism, Jainism, Confuscious and Zonoaster practiced fasting. The Jews observe an annual fast on the day of Atonement in commemoration of the descent of Moses from Sitnai. Jesus fasted for forty days in the desert and commended his flowers also to fast. Hence it is known fact that instruction of fasting is universal and existed in some form or other before Islam also.


Besides, fasting was observed as a sign of grief of mourning or for a great event and the basic underlying idea was to propitiate an angry God. Holy Prophet Muhammad[pbuh]abolished these ideas and introduced highly developed significance, as ordered by Almighty Allah. Like prayer, the fasting is made to observe every year to regulate the principles of their lives.


The order from Almighty on Fasting was reveled in the year 2 after Hijrah[PROPHET MUHAMMAD’S[PBUH] MIGRATION FROM MECCA TO MEDINA] in Islam. Ramadhan is 9th month of Islamic Calendar and Islamic Calendar is based on Lunar and hence days of fasting are rotating in different times viz. Summer, Winter, Spring, Autumn and one has to fast in different time during his life time.


People should understand that reasons and benefits behind fasting are immense and one of the important object is to generate power in man which can control unruly passion and true fasting kills animal behaviour in human. Unlike others methods of fasting, there is nothing to be taken either in the form of solid, liquid from dawn to dusk in Islamic fasting. Even a little water to be taken, it produces no appraisable effect on mind on a result of hunger. To have effective check on passion, even sex with their wives in the hours of fasting is strictly prohibited. Also fasting greatly contributes to the preservation of health, which improves by fasting. The great American physician Dr. Dewey said : Take the food away from a sick man’s stomach, and then you have begun to starve not the sick man but the disease. The digestion organs are given some rest to work with redoubled energy and vigour just a as land which was left without cultivation for one year brings abundant Crops in the year following.


Hadrat Salman al-Farisi told of Allah’s messenger saying in a sermon which he delivered to them on the last day of Sha’ban "A great month, a blessed month, a month containing a night which is better than thousand months has approached you people. Allah has appointed the observance of fasting during., it as an obligatory duty, and the passing of its night in prayer as a voluntary practice. If some one draws near to Allah during it with some good act he will be likeone who fulfils an obligatory duty, in another month. It is the month of sharing with others, and a month in which the believer’s provision is increased. If some one gives one who has been fasting some thing with which to break his fast it will provide forgiveness of his sins and save him from hell, and he will have a reward equal to his without his reward being diminished in any respect". Some of them remarked to Allah’s messenger that they did not all have the means to give one who had been fasting some thing with which to break his fast, and he replied, "Allah gives this reward to him who gives one who has been fasting some milk mixed with water, or a date, or a drink of water with which to break his fast, and any one who gives a full meal to one who has been fasting will be given a drink from any tank by Allah and will not thirst till he enters paradise".


Holy Prophet also told it is a month whose beginning is mercy, whose middle is forgiveness and whose end is freedom from hell. Now we are in the first 10 days of Ramadhan which is for mercy and let the fasting people realise patience, called Sabr, is a great treasure, that is the great power and everyone should adopt it and this is what takes man to excellent position as preached by Great Imam Jamaliya Seyed Khaleel Awn Moulana El Hasaniyul Hashimiy.


Holy Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) fasting is half of patience and patience is half of faith and it is necessary for us to practice and entrance for spiritual power.

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