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The Power of Positive Thinking

 (Vama A. Mohamed Ali)

Dear Brothers,

I hope the following might help the students to develop Positive attitude.

Focus on How to do it, rather than why you can’t.

One Mr. Bob in the town Barrie wanted to help the people of that town who lost everything in a tornado that swept through the town.

He called all the executives of the company (radio broad casting company) into his office. At the top of a flip chart he wrote three 3s. He said to his executives “ How would you like to raise 3 million dollars 3 days from now in just 3 hours and give the money to the people in Barrie? There was nothing but silence.

Finally someone said, “ There is no way we could do that”.

Bob said, “ Wait a minute. I didn’t ask you if we could or even if we should. I just asked you if you would like to”.

They all said, “Sure we would like to”. He then drew a large’ T’ underneath the 333 on one side he wrote,” Why we can’t.” On the other side he wrote, How we can.”

I am going to put a big X on the “ Why we can’t side.’ We are not going to spend any time in the ideas of why we can’t. That’s of no value. On the other side we are going to write down every idea that we can come up with on how we can. We are not going to leave the room until we figure it out.”

There was a silence again.

Finally someone said,” We could do a radio show across Canada. Someone said, you could not do a radio show across Canada, as we do not cover the whole Canada. All of a sudden someone suggested,” you could get Harvey Kirk and Lloyd Robertson, the biggest names in Canadian broad casting to anchor the show. At that point it was absolutely amazing how fast and furious the CREATIVE IDEAS BEGAN TO FLOW. They did that and collected 3 million dollars in 3 hours within 3 business days.”

Do you believe it is some one’s Creative idea to find the other source available?

Negative thoughts defeated and positive thoughts helped them achieve their Goal within the time frame. So think of it. Relate this to your study. Try to understand the subject well, if you do not approach your teacher to explain you again. Read your lessons again and again. Practice writing within specified time. You can get what you want. It is guaranteed, 100%.

Let me explain what happened to me in the year 1979 when I joined a very big company in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. ….. 2000 x 40’ containers left in the port. No one knew what was inside. In “Just One day and a half” I was able to find out and solved the problem.

When you think you can, really you can make things happen. Just keep doing things. Do not give up. Just do it.

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