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-MJ Mohammed Iqbal


The Glorious Qur'an is the Book of Islam (Peace). It is the complete code of conduct revealed by Almighty to regulate and govern human life. Almighty had revealed the messages to various Prophets of different times and His message to Prophet Daud (David) [It is called - Zaboor], Prophet Moosa (Moses) [It is called Taurat], Prophet Issa (Jesus) [It is called Injiel (Bible)] and Holy Qur'an is reveled to Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) in stage by stage and it is unique in many respects. The process of revelation of divine message to Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) commenced in the Holy month of Ramadhan. It is very much important to know that Holy Qur'an is the greatest spiritual force which is ultimately destined to bring the whole humanity to the perfection.


The Holy Quran, revelation came from Almighty for 23 years till Prophet’s (PBUH) demise from this world. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is illiterate and neither write or read and Qur'an beyond any doubt is the words of Almighty and not from any human origin. Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) who after getting the revelations, subsequently dictated to others. These writings of verses in parts on various writing material including camel skin, were then finally complied in the form of Qur'an. Also the Qur'an is last of the divine book by God and it remains in its original parity not a dot has been changed. The language of Qur'an is wonderful Arabic,which is, very soothing effect to mind and soul.


Almighty’s declaration for the Protection of Holy Book 


The most important consideration regarding the Qur’an is that Allah states in the book that it is not of human origin; it consists of the actual pre-eternal, uncreated speech of Allah Himself. As such, no other book exists which carries the degree of perfection and balance in its words. Even the most disinterested observer cannot fail to be impressed upon hearing the Qur’an recited. It is of surpassing beauty, melody, and mejesty.


"WE have sent you this Qur'an and we will certainly be its protector and preserver. It is for us to collect and to promulgate"


"Nay, this a Glorious Qur'an (incensed)  in a tablet preserved"


"Nay, here are sign self-evident in the health of those endowed with knowledge"


Holy Qur'an calls it self as Al Ruh (The sprit) Al-Shifa (Healing), Al Dhikr (A source of eminence to mankind), Al-Nur (Light), Al Haqq (The Truth), Al Huda (The guidance), in different places of the Holy book. Holy Qur'an opening verse is "Praise be to almighty the Nourishes of the worlds to perfection"(1:1) and the closing verse is "Say, I seek refuge with Nourishing of mankind to perfection" (114:1).


The benefits and effects of reading the Qur’an are like a seed that eventually sends out twigs, branches, roots, and leaves of sustance in every direction. The Hadith state: “Whoever reads the Qur’an and acts upon what is contained in it, his parents will be made to wear a crown on the day of Judgement, the brilliance of which will exceed that of the sun, if it were brought down into your houses. So, if that is the reward for the parents, what do you think is the reward for the person who acts upon it himself?”.


Book of code and Moral


The Holy book lays down the criteria to find difference between good and the evil deeds of human beings. Also Holy book deals with law, regulation of relationship between man & Almighty the importance of love and respect toward His Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), personal matters civil code, penal code, International relationship, economics, finance, scientific or physical, in one way or other.  Further Qur'an stress on knowledge, dynamism, truthfulness and a balance and just a social structure. Holy Qur'an clearly brings out the fact that sovereignty over the entire universe truly belongs to Allah and gives the man status of His Calipha (Representative) on earth.


Holy Qur'an makes every man is equal and criteria to judge a man is how faithfully he follows Qur'an as practiced by Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Holy Qur'an prohibits accumulation of wealth in few hands and made Zakath as compulsory and to distribute wealth to needy to enable the society to free from poverty.


Further the Holy Qur'an stresses on the respect towards all, complete code of conduct to maintain relationship between parents and children, between husband and wife, between teacher and students between seller and buyer, between neighbors etc. the treasure in the Holy book is immense and incalculable who are truly following Qur'an with the practicing of Prophet's Sunnah will get the divine mercy and all benefits.


This Holy month Ramadhan is considered as very honored month, due to the very main fact that Quran was revealed to Prophet Muhammad  (PBUH) during this month. The first revaluation itself about ‘knowledge’ and hence it is must for the human to try to know himself and the connection between him and Almighty and that will take him to salvation. Imam Jamaliya Seyed Khaleel Awn Moulana El Hasaniyul Hashimiy has said "Holy Qur'an is the light that leads you to and shows you the right path for the peace” and is a standing challenge for all the times and an abiding miracle which can bring conviction to whoever reads it, ponders over its contents and follows the truths embodied in it.


Prophet’s Teachings on simple life to His most  beloved Daughter FATHIMA  BINTH MUHAMMAD[PBUH] & Son-In-Law


Bukhari and Muslim gave an example of Prophet’s Education on simple life to his holy family. It was narrated by Ali, who said:


We had no servant in our house. Fatima did all the housework by herself. We lived in a house with just a small room. There, Fatima lit a fire and tried to cook. She often singed her clothes while trying to increase the fire by blowing. Moreover, she baked our bread and carried water. Her hands became covered in callouses from turning the millstone and her back also became so because of carrying water. Meanwhile some prisoners of war were brought to Madina. The Messenger gave them to those who applied. I suggested to Fatima to ask for a servant from her father.


Reluctantly, she went to the Prophet who said: "What has brought you here, my little ,beloved ,daughter?" "I came to give you greetings of peace," she said, for in awe of him she could not bring herself to ask what she had intended.


"What did you do?" asked Ali when she returned alone.


"I was ashamed to ask him," she said. So the two of them went together but the Prophet felt they were less in need than others.


"I will not give to you," he said, "and let the Ahl as-Suffah (poor Muslims who stayed in the mosque) be tormented with hunger. I have not enough for their keep..."

Ali and Fatimah returned home feeling somewhat dejected but that night, after they had gone to bed, they heard the voice of the Prophet asking permission to enter. Welcoming him, they both rose to their feet, but he told them:


"Stay where you are," and sat down beside them. "Shall I not tell you of something better than that which you asked of me?" he asked and when they said yes he said: "Words which Jibril taught me, that you should say "Subhaan Allah- Glory be to God" ten times after every Prayer, and ten times "AI hamdu lillah - Praise be to God," and ten times "Allahu Akbar - God is Great." And that when you go to bed you should say them thirty-three times each."

Ali used to say in later years: "I have never once failed to say them since the Messenger of God taught them to us."


Courtesy: Gulf Today