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MJ Mohammed Iqbal


17th of Ramadhan, Battle of Badr (fought for protecting peace, during Hijrah 2, Ramadhan 17) is remembered respectfully all over world.


Ramadan is a source of spiritual as well as physical inspiration for Muslims. Physically, no month in our history has been more charitable and generous with victories than the month of Ramadan. One of the more remarkable events occurred in this holy month during the time of PROPHET MUHAMMAD[PBUH]WAS  the Badr campaign (Battle of Badr). This was a battle in which the forces of truth, numbering 300 men against all odds, defeated an army three times their size. Badr is the name of a rural city about 150 miles from Madinah.


Holy Prophet Mohammed(PBUH), who was sent by Almighty as mercy to universal mankind, continuously invited the people of Makkah towards truth, peace and oneness of Allah for 13 years after his Prophethood. But the stone-hearted pagans of Makkah in turn gave him immense troubles and pain with their bad words and deeds. Holy Prophet Muhammad's (PBUH) companion's also had to face the worst kind of persecution. They were evicted from their homes and their property was looted and seized for the simple reason that they believed in Allah and obeyed His apostle, the Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Although only a handful of people embraced Islam during the Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)'s stay in Makkah, he and his companions continued their struggle ceaselessly.


Finally, on the invitation of the people of Yathrib (Madina) the Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) emigrated with his close companian Abubacker (Allah and His Prophet may be pleased with Him) to Madina on the on the command of Allah. The other companions followed him, leaving all their property and the near and dear ones behind. But the pagans of Makkah did not leave these peace loving people alone in Madina and put all their efforts to give more and more troubles with the main purpose of eliminate “Islam”.


One day after Fazr prayer the Muslims learned that a caravan of 1,000 camels laden with untold wealth was heading for Makkah near Madina on its way from Damascus under the command of Abu Sufyan, a chieftain of Makkah who had banned the believers from visiting the Holy Kaabah and plotted to kill the Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).To ensure safe passage of his caravan through the outskirts of Madina, Abu sufyan had called for armed aid from Makkah. But his messenger created such a scene in Makkah that it infuriated the Makkah chieftains, so much so that they immediately declared a "war-like" situation in Makkah and decide to lead an army towards Madinah.


Thus, a battle was imposed on the Muslims in Madinah in less than two years after their migration. The Battle was fought on the plains of Badr, which was till then an unfamiliar place 160 miles south-west of Madinah. This battle is known as the Battle of Badr. It was fought on the 17th of Ramadhan in 2 AH (After Hijrah).The Makkan army, well armed and well equipped, numbered over 1,000 and had among its leaders some of the most experienced warriors of Arabia, including Abu Jahl, the inveterate foe and persecutor of Islam. At least 600 of them had armor and 100 were on horses. They left fully prepared and with great pomp and show. Their arrogance was evident from the wealth spent to prepare the army for the attack on a virtually unarmed and small group of people.


The Muslim group consisted of only 313 men. They were mostly unarmed as only 60 of them had armor. There were only tow horses and very few camels. But this force of apparently weak people was led by the Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and they were fighting for the cause of peace i.e Islam.


Prophet Mohammed(PBUH) meditated and prayed "Oh Allah! Here are Quresh with all chivalry and pomp, who oppose thee and deny thy messenger. Oh Allah ! Thy help which Thou haste promised me! Oh Allah ! Make them low this day." Prophet(PBUH) prayed to Allah "if this company is destroyed, there will be none left in the land worship you". Abubacker, who was with the Prophet (PBUH) in his hut held him by his hand and said "Oh! Holy Apostle of Allah! God has listened your prayer" (And he will fulfill his promise). Then he fell in to a trance and when he spoke again, he told his friend Abubacker, who was with him, that the promised help had come. There upon Prophet (PBUH) went on to encourage his people, taking up a handful of gravel, he ran towards Quresh and flung it at them saying, "The faces are confounded!" On which the tide of battle turned in favour of Muslims.


Against all odds the muslims secured a brilliant victory by Allah's will and many of the enemy leaders, including Abu Jahl, were killed. Among the unbelievers 70 people, including 20 top chieftain of the Makkah tribes, were killed while among the Muslims, 14 were martyred.


Holy Qur'an says "There has already been for you a sign. In the two armies that met ( in combat) one was fighting in the cause of God, the other resisting God; these saw with their own eyes twice their number. But God both support with His aid whom He pleasant. In this is a warning for such as have eyes to who see" (III : 13)


But this victory is for the Muslims, who were fighting for the True message of Allah, over their enemies who wanted to crush them so that their own false beliefs and foul practices could continue on this earth was not possible without the miraculous help of Allah.


In this battle, fathers fought against their sons and brothers against their own brothers. The believers main aim was to obey the Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), which they believed would take them to paradise. The believers loved death more than life for sake of their Holy Prophet (PBUH), for they knew that if they died fighting they would achieve martyrdom.


Holy Quran says about martyrs:


"And say not of those who are slain in the way of God : "They are dead" . Nay, they are living, Though ye perceive(it) not". (2:154)


" Martyrs are in the cause of truth. They are not dead, they live and in a far higher & deeper sense then in the life they have left. "The martyrs not only rejoice at the bless they have themselves attained. The dear one’s left behind are in their thoughts. It is part of their glory that they have their dear one’s from fear, sorrow, humiliations guide in this life, even before they come to share in the glories of hereafter. The dear ones have no cause to grieve at the death of martyrs, rather have the cause to rejoice," Allama Yousuf Ali narrated.


In the battle of Badr prophet Mohammed’s(PBUH) courageous, dedicated moves, support offered by the companion with utmost respect & obedience toward prophet(PBUH), patience, fortitude and unflinching fight were Witnessed by the world. The world history recorded with high regards about the qualities required of the greatest leader of men in human history demonstrated and proved by Holy prophet Mohammed(PBUH). It is not an easy task to successfully deal with a big army with all sophisticated mighty arms of powerful hostile elements with such meager resources at one’s command. Holy Prophet (PBUH) should that be naturally possessed these qualities in abounding measure with exemplary leadership.



The battle of Badr was won by Muslims due to Allah’s help and prophet’s exceptionally unequaled outstanding leadership qualities and companions complete total surrender and obedience towards Mohammed(PBUH). Battle of Badr teaching us about strong faith one should have in meeting the challenges and it stresses the obedience and surrender to Prophet (PBUH) as Almighty calling the Holy Quran "….obey Allah and His messenger …." (VIII:45).


Battle of Badr was bought around 1500 years ago during the holy month Ramadhan the 17th day and now also faithful Muslim ummah remembering this worth, important incident, and the prophet’s faithful obedient companions and reciting holy Quran, Durood sharif and honoring them in all respects. The companions of Holy prophet(PBUH) who participated in this battle always had special place with Almighty Allah and Holy Prophet (PBUH). Let us always remember these faithful companions of Holy prophet (PBUH), and strengthen our Faith!.


The Great Imam Jamaliya Seyed Khaleel Awn Mowlana El Hasaniyyul Hashimiy has given the wonderful "Dua" to seek from Almighty Allah on this auspicious day.



v     Oh! Allah, In the name of Badr Shahabas (Companion), please pardon our beloved parents and families.


v     Oh! Allah, please protect our brothers and relatives from danger.


v     Oh! Allah, please accord long live and happiness for all the human beings.


v     Oh!  Allah, In the name of Badr Shahabas, please fulfil our requirement while being in abroad for betterment and also protect us from danger.


v     Oh! Allah, In the name Badr Shahabas, please protect us from the enemies and cheat.


v     Oh! Allah, In the name of Badr Shahabas, your warriors, if our enemies going to attack our properties, kindly protect us from such dangers.


v     Oh! Allah, kindly protect our children, women, your believers and our family members, the way you protected Badr Shahabas.


v     Oh! Allah, please protect us from the evil of ‘shirk’ and make us to obtain the  shafat from Holy Prophet Mohamed (PBUH).


v     Sallallaahu Alaanabeenaa Wasallam Wa Ashaabin Wa ahlibaithee Rasoolillah.


Courtesy: Gulf Today