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MJ Mohammed Iqbal


Islam, which means peace, is the religion taught and practiced by Holy Prophet Muhammed (PBUH). Going through the life style and practices of Holy Prophet (PBUH) in each & every incidents there are plenty of benefits in them. The month Ramadhan which we are undergoing give us a exercise for true patience, pity towards poor needy people and more pious.


Fasting is the oldest known form of natural healing. For many of them who have not fasted the fasting, the idea seems so peculiar and some consider so dangerous also it is true, incorrectly applied fasting can result in severe disorders of the body.


Correctly observed fasting as taught by Holy Prophet (PBUH) are adjusted to the cycles of moon and other planets as well as my other phenomena. Human who is highlighted, as "Khalipha"(representative) of God in Holy Quran is definitely superior in nature.


For common men who are really weak in nature, the love and attachment of material life, and temptations of the physical desires are responsible for many of the illness. Hence Holy Prophet (PBUH) has got the fasting from the Almighty which has provided guidance to control and annual these appetites by the mechanism of fasting.


The Holy Quran states that a human cannot attain salvation unless the low desires are restrained. "And as for him who fears to stand before his Lord and restrains himself from low desires, the paradise is surely the abode" (79:40-41)


The lawful eating and other enjoyments are avoided for the sake of Allah and fast will say "O Almighty, I have restrained him from eating, drinking and marital relationship during the days, so accept my shifa’at for him". Holy Quran will say, "I did not let him sleep during nights, so accept my shifa’at[dua and request] for him." The shifa’at of both will be accepted.


The word Ramadan does not actually mean fast. The technical term for fasting is siyam, whose root word means "to be at rest". By abstaining from food, drink and other sexual intercourse, these functions of the body are granted rest and an opportunity to become restored.


In Emirates one can witness  many of the beloved brothers of other religions   who have close contact with muslims also engage in this form of fasting and get some of the benefits. But, there are several regulations which must be followed for fasting to be valid.
The niyyath or intention to fast.
The period of the fast must extend from the time just before sunrise until just after sunset.
During the period of fast total abstaining from the following is required food, drink, smoking, sexual intercourse, back biting, fighting, cursing, arguing and misbehavior.
Semen may not be deliberately emitted nor one deliberately vomit.
Pregnancy or lactating women, the serious ill, the aged and are exempted from fasting but in some cases may be liable to make up missed days as in menstruation period for ladies.


The special nature of fasting is that it endangers forbearance and sacrifice. Fasting occurs in the heart, and mind and so it is hidden from all human eyes, visible only to the eye of God : it is a secret action.


General people fast is restraining oneself from eating, drinking and sexual passions.


A higher form of the fast consists of (in addition to above) refresh from wrong actions of hands, feet, sight and other limbs or parts of the body.
The superior form of fast the greatest, a fast of the mind. Such people always think Almighty. They consider their existence in this world only as a seed for growth into the next world.




Medical experts reveal that during a fast no new food goes into the body and so not new toxins are produced and the liver is free to work full time to eliminate existing toxins. This occurs because the body which requires fuel to survive, now begins to first burn the toxins contained with it and then turns to the stored nutrients. This increases the functioning of the cell and the natural resistance of body increase manifold. The blood becomes pure and the skin begins to clear and acquire a new glow. In simple words, when the patient stops taking food, the disease and not the patients dies of starvation. Almighty know best techniques and practices for maintaining human health and fasting is not only best and safest means of protecting health but it also containing more spiritual rewards.


Fasting is definitely one of the means to control the Nafs[EGO]Without controlling lowely desires ,anger,not showing mercy towards poor ,not humane with neighbours and only keeping hungry doesnot produce any real effcet of fasting what Prophet MUHAMMAD[PBUH] taught to the mankind  . The great Imam Jamaliya Seyed Khaleel Awn Mowlana El Hasaniyul Hashimy Says "if lack of peace is identified, we should undertake all possible efforts to get rid of the shortfall. These efforts constitute the Major war (Jihaadul Akbar) to subdue the mean soul (Nafs). "


The fasting in higher order will certainly be one of the best tools for to deal against nafs (ego).,and let ALMIGHTY ALLAH MAY  bless us all to attain desired benefits, peace, etc.


Courtesy: Gulf Today