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Prophet of Universe & Humanity

 MJ Mohammed Iqbal


The most successful Prophet and religious and social personalities of the world Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) is simple ,humble ,loving and caring to all .Holy Quran says ,

"We have sent Among you a Messenger Of your own, rehearsing to you Our signs, and purifying You, and instructing you In scripture and Wisdom, And in new Knowledge"          [2:151]


Only a clean heart can accommodate within itself the feeling for humanity, a deep sense of justice and strong passion for the service of mankind. In other words perfection of morals is the outstanding concern of mission and Holy prophet Mohammed (PBUH) said, "I have been sent to perfect the generosities of morals". That is to define, demonstrate the highest form of morality. Truth, honesty, justice, sympathy, service, good fellowship, tolerance, pity, cooperation in goodness, human brotherhood, peace and harmony in the whole world are the morals. Holy Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) said, "O God, Thou art peace and from thee is peace" and his mission Islam itself means achieving pace by entering into peace of God.


Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) has been declared by the Almighty Allah as a mercy to mankind of the universe who dedicated his entire life for the excellence of humanity and great example in teaching love, compassion, peace, harmony, social cohesiveness etc. Every human being whether he is a Muslim or Non-Muslim will astonish to go through the happenings of the life of Holy Prophet.


Holy Quran says:                   "We sent not an Apostle but to be obeyed in accordance with the will of God."   (4:64)


The test of love and direction is the measure of obedience and carrying out the behest's of the Holy prophet and following him in his foot steps which guarantees of the love of Almighty Allah.


Holy Quran Says:                   (O! Prophet Mohammed) Say: "If you do love God, follow me. God will love you and forgive your sins. For God is oft forgiving, Most Merciful." (3:31)


Holy Quran Says:                   "Obey Allah and his Apostle. But, if they turn back Allah does not love those who reject faith." (3:32)


The Holy Quran has repeatedly stressed the importance of loving and following the teachings of Allah and His prophet, for instance.


Say: "If it be that your father, your sons, your brothers, your mother or your kindred, the wealth that you have Gained, the commerce in which you fear the decline, or the dwellings in which you delight are dearer to you than Allah His Apostle or the striving in His cause: then wait until Allah brings about His decision." (9:24).


Holy book further declared "Whoever obeys Allah and His Apostle, he indeed achieves a mighty success." (33:71)


Holy Prophet lived in the full light of History and all the events of his life (Complete breathing), his precepts, acts all are fully preserved in Sunnah (Prophet’s life style).


Almighty Allah has designated him as “the seal of Prophets”, on whom He and His angels send their blessings always. (33:56). Muslims are repeatedly admonished be Almighty Allah to obey His Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). That is why, in one of great poet Iqbal’s most popular poems, Jawab-I-Shikwa, poet said as Almighty reminding Muslims: If you break not faith with Muhammad, we shall always be with you.  What is this miserable World, to write the world’s destiny, pen and tablet, We offer you.”


His life is open and he provided a complete code of life, which is embodied in the Quran. His life example is lesson for all kinds of men and he is the greatest leader of mankind in all walks of life & profession. The biography of no other human being is so well preserved as that of Holy prophet.


If the world to today follow his social laws, principles of economics, laws of government, principles of law & justice, definitely prosperity and peace will prevail. Prophet is the first to start the laws of international relations and to regulate the laws of war and peace. He is the only example where all the excellence have been blended into one personality philosopher, seer, great stale man, military genius, legislator teaches of morals, spiritual luminous and guide of all and Great Imam Jamaliya Seyed Khaleel Awn Mowlana El Hasaniyul Hasimiy said, "if one wants answer for any field in their life let them look in to the life of our Grandsire Holy Prophet Mohamed (PBUH) and there will be definitely answer for small problem to most complicated one".


Hazarath Aysha (Raliallahu Anha) wife of Holy Prophet said, "Prophet Mohammed's (PBUH) character is the Quran itself."  Through these precious words she intimated that all those wonderful pictures of moral sublimity are drawn in action by him.  It is crystal clear that the life of the Prophet, therefore, cannot be studied in isolation from the Quran and nor can Quran be correctly and understood and interpreted without reference to the sunnah of the Prophet.


The great scholars of the world irrespective religion nationality researching and finding plenty of Nobel things from the life of Holy Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) and implementing in their life, society. Allah and his angels are sending the blessings to the Holy Prophet (PBUH) and every Muslim, whenever hears the holy name of the prophet referred to spontaneously and unfailingly recites the "Darud and Salawath" and invokes the blessings of Allah upon him and his family members & companions. Throughout the world his prophethood and his being the apostle of Allah is proclaimed 10 times a day from the minarets of Masjid in all over the world. The Prophets and great souls like Buddha, Jesus, Moses, all foretold the coming of Holy Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) in the Arab nation and they further declared he would be the mercy to the universe and ultimate to perfect the morals.


Alfonse de La Martine in his book "Historie de la Truquie" Paris, 1854 said, "Never has a man set for himself, voluntarily or involuntarily, a more sublime aim, since this aim was superhuman; to subvert superstitions which had been imposed between man and his Creator, to render God unto man and man unto God; to restore the rational and sacred idea of divinity amidst the chaos of the material and disfigured gods of idolatry, then existing.  Never has a man undertaken a work so far beyond human power with so feeble means, for he (Mohammed) has in conception as well as in the execution of such a great design, no other instrument than himself and no other aid except a handful of men living in a corner of the desert.  Finally, never has a man accomplished such a huge and lasting revolution in the world, because in less than two centuries after its appearance, Islam, in faith and in arms, reigned over the whole of Arabia, and conquered, in God's name, Persia Khorasan, Transoxania, Western India, Syria, Egypt, Abyssina, all the known continent of Northern Africa, numerous islands of the Mediterraneam Sea, Spain, and part of Gaul etc.,"


Holy prophet is admired and obeyed by all good people, scholors and will continue to be respected and Cherished forever.  Allah promised to Holy Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) in Holy Quran "surly we have given the abundance of good, so pray unto the lord and sacrifice.  Sincerely he that hates thee, he is the one cut off" [108:1~3]. Yes, Holy Prophet Mohammed's (PBUH) taunting enemies are extinguished forever and buried in the debris of History! Let us follow the Holy path of Holy Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) to attain fulfillment and peace.


Courtesy: Gulf Today