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    Rajagiri Dawood Batcha College Of Arts And Science - Papanasam.

(Affillitated to Bharatidasan University -Trichi)

Join RDB Collge ....Aim High ....Aim Far... About RDB College:

RDB was  established  in 1999 to provide quality education to the students especially  living in and around  the rural areas. The college is dedicated to the all-around development of the students. It prepares them intellectually   and emotionally to compete at national and international levels and teaches them to face the future responsibilities in society confidently. This  college stands unique by emphasizing sound  education to the rural people  who were far neglected and couldn't stand parallel with urban students.



RDB College is governed  and managed by Mr. M.A  Dawood Batcha (click to see more) who is the patron of the College. He  devotes himself to make this college not only a model college but also a modern college.

Courses Offered:

Following courses are offered namely:

U.G Courses

B.Sc., (comp.Sci)

B.Sc., (I.T)


B.Sc., (Micro Biology)

B.Sc., (Bio-Chem)

B.Sc., (Visual communication)

B.Sc., (Maths)



B.A (Eng Litt.)

B.A.,(Hotel Mgmt) (Bio-Technology)


P.G. courses

M.Sc., (I.T)



M.Sc., (Comp.Sci), (Bio-Chemistry)





RDB college has completed 3  fruitful years. From the small beginnings, it has  risen to the present mammoth heights .It has rightly echoed  Ms Lousia words "I am not afraid of storms, for I'm learning to sail my ship". The students of this college have weathered the storm and come out victorious with fantastic results!  In this present world; with time seemingly taking a flight with light and achievements soaring high, RDB college  diligently strive to take its to that height. With in 4 years of  commencement of the college, the year 2003 saw the ripening of the fruits of hard work and presented a spectacular results in the university examinations.

  • The very first peculiar and added advantage to RDBC is its information center  i.e  i'ts library with vast varieties of 6500 books.
  • The College has a highly sophisticated campus with 70,000 sq,ft building in 10.25acres of land in a calm, green and healthy atmosphere.
  • The College has separate hostel facilities for both boys and girls  with all the basic amenities.
  • The college is full time college for 6 hours in 6 days a week.
  • Special Coaching Classes will be conducted for the final year students who are keen on appearing for I.A.S, I.P.S, I.F.S examinations.
  • RDB has entered an agreement with BITECH so as to offer career oriented courses.
  • The management reimburse the tution fees for those who top in the final examination.
  • The very second topper gets assistance in for further studies.

              And there is much more.. This was  just a  small synopsis of the RDB institution.

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Rajagiri Dawood Batcha College Of Arts And Science


Thanjavur District.